March 5, 2020

So I feel terrible today. Have a cold and the cold medicine is wearing off, so now I just want to sleep and do nothing. I should be constructive and get something done but just I don’t feel like it.

Work is good, but it usually is. I learn something everyday which I love, keep learning and life will be good. You are never too old to learn new things.

I have been looking into a new place to travel this Christmas; I have looked at Atlantis in the Bahamas and I have thought of another cruise, but with this Coronavirus going on and them keeping people on the ships I think we will pass on that this year. Unless, something happens and it just suddenly goes away. Its an election year so it could happen.

Key West is on my bucket list and I have been looking very closely at it. I love the old town part of it, and the prices are very reasonable. There are places I would love to see there too. Ernest Hemingway’s house and the Truman little White House. Along with the most southern point in the United States.

Random and Pride :)

So we got great news about Lily and Seth, they both tried out for Peter Pan and both of them got in it; Lily got Tiger Lily and Seth is a lost boy. I am so proud of them both, they put their all in everything they do. My daughter is redoing her house and my daughter-in-law is doing her own Vlog. We will have to discuss how she pronounces that though lol.

So my second attempt at blogging, its kind of fun. You just type out random stuff that just pops into your head, it could be dangerous.

So I spent half my day in Tupelo and half in Fulton today. I do not really mind it but it would be nice to be able to just come to the Fulton campus it is so close to my house. I have a problem with one of the coworkers, she really doesn’t like me, and I really don’t know why. I have never done anything to her nor do I have anything against her. It has been going on for over a year now so I am kind of just ignoring it, but it is rather annoying when someone just acts like you do not exist. Awe well move on…


So here I go, I am going to try and write a blog. Everyone has asked me to do it. I do not really know what to blog about. I guess first to say a little about myself. I am a middle aged woman, married with kids and grand kids.  These people are the most important in my life. I have been truly blessed with a husband that “gets” me, and kids that I am truly proud of.

I work in a community college library and I hope I have made a difference in someone’s life during my time here. The students here are still very much in need of guidance, although I am sure I did not feel like I needed guidance at 18 or 19 years old. AS a matter a fact I believe I thought no one could teach me anything, because I knew it all lol. Not something I am proud of, but now at a more mature age I know that I still don’t know anything, let along everything.

I went back to school at 45, and I will tell you that it wasn’t easy but totally worth it. I would go back to school at any age. Keep learning its always important. I still take a class occasionally I like to keep up with it, it makes it easier for me to help my students.

I hope I have instilled that to my grand children it is so important to better yourself every chance you get.



class over

I think I will keep going on the blog at least for a while, or when I have time. I made a 97% in this class; however it is Information literacy so it was a pretty easy class. I work in a library for a community college so I already knew about information literacy, our QEP was on that one year.

Ok on to something else!!! 🙂

Gathering Sources

I had trouble figuring out what type of censorship I wanted to do it on to begin with. I was looking at images in Google images and saw the first picture of the night of May 10th, 1933. I instantly knew what I wanted to focus on. Censorship should not be tolerated in way, in the case of the Nazis they did not censor books for the sake of what they said as much as who they were written by. I found a great deal in our databases on Nazi censorship and I learned a lot about the Nazi and German people of the time. We are led to believe that the Nazi leaders had burned the books, but it was the students of major universities that burned them.  However Joseph Goebbels encouraged them at the University in Berlin, in his speech he says that they need to destroy anything that was unGerman. I found very good sources, such as the United States Holocaust Museum, I was not aware of its existence. I would very much like to research it more, George Santayana said it “those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Nazis and Book Burning

I got interested in the censorship of books when my librarian was making a display for our library. It was a display of books, that at one time or another, had been banned. Such as To Kill a Mockingbird, The Bluest Eye, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, The Holy Bible, The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin, etc… These books were banned because of sexual content, racism, social or political views, explicit language, etc… I thought that since the week of September 24th through  September 30th is banned book week this would be a good thing to do my paper on. Probably the most famous of book burnings was when the students in Nazi Germany burned 24000 books in Berlin, where 40000 people were in attendance. Where the books mentioned previously were banned because of contents, in most instances the books burned by the Nazis were primarily books written by Jewish intellectuals.

This was only the beginning of what the Jewish communities in Nazi occupied nations would be subject to. We need to be careful what we allow our leaders to do, you never know when or where and against whom the next censorship could occur.