Gathering Sources

I had trouble figuring out what type of censorship I wanted to do it on to begin with. I was looking at images in Google images and saw the first picture of the night of May 10th, 1933. I instantly knew what I wanted to focus on. Censorship should not be tolerated in way, in the case of the Nazis they did not censor books for the sake of what they said as much as who they were written by. I found a great deal in our databases on Nazi censorship and I learned a lot about the Nazi and German people of the time. We are led to believe that the Nazi leaders had burned the books, but it was the students of major universities that burned them.  However Joseph Goebbels encouraged them at the University in Berlin, in his speech he says that they need to destroy anything that was unGerman. I found very good sources, such as the United States Holocaust Museum, I was not aware of its existence. I would very much like to research it more, George Santayana said it “those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

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